Rule &Regulation

To Ensure Smooth Conduct Of Academic & Other Routines, Decorum Of The School, And Safety Of The Students, The School Authorities Have Framed Certain Rules And Regulations. We Expect Cooperation Of Parents For Implementation Of The Rules And Regulations In Their Child’s Interest.

General Rules

  • We request parents to send their ward(s) in neat and clean uniform daily with school identity card. Parents also ensure that their ward(s) brings school diary daily to the school.
  • All communication to the parents will be made through school diary and they would also use the diary for any communication with the school.
  • We suggest that parents/guardians DO NOT leave cash with their wards. Money to be given to students should be routed through respective in-charge or nominated school authority. Kindly make a note for the same in school diary also.
  • We request that parents/guardians DO NOT leave costly gadgets/toys like cameras, casio players, video games or Walkman etc. with their wards. Any of these required by the students, must be deposited with the In charge.
  • All the belongings of the students must be marked with indelible ink showing their name and class.
  • Reasonable precautions are taken during Training activities to avoid injuries and accidents. However, the school authorities shall not be responsible for any accidents/Injuries sustained by the students during stay in the school or any organized activity outside school. Parents/guardians shall be responsible for medical expenses.
  • Students leaving school campus without permission for any reason such as “Homesickness”, or any disturbing news from home, would be treated as: UNDISCIPLINED and their conduct shall be viewed seriously. In such cases, the school authorities will not be responsible for safety and security of the student once she leaves the campus. The moment student’s absence is noticed by the in-charge, a police report will be filed. We request parents/ guardians to brief their wards clearly in this regard.
  • Parents must inform school about their latest address, residential/office telephone number/cell number to enable school authorities to establish immediate contact in case of any emergency.
  • Students are granted 6 days (max.) leave in a year on extremely compassionate grounds. Parents will be responsible to weigh the importance of the occasion and apply for the leave in advance. Authority to sanction such leave is vested only with the principal whose decision on such matter would be final. Leave for more than 6 days in year, is NOT GRANTED under any circumstance. Not even during the preparatory period.
  • Parents can meet school authorities between 11:00 am to 01:00 pm on any working day.

Hostel Rules

  • Students need time to adjust themselves to the new environment in the hostel. Therefore, parents/guardians are requested not to visit their children or send relatives, till the students have settled down in a month or two.
  • Parents or guardians are not permitted to meet the students directly in the hostel without the permission of the House Mother / Chief warden or the principal.
  • The students are allowed to meet or correspond only with those who have been authorized by the guardian in writing.
  • The house mother examines all the correspondence received or sent out by the student.
  • No student is allowed to keep cell phone. The school has communication system installed in the hostels. Students can talk to their parents with warden’s permission once in a week.
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the residential quarters and mess (except on special occasions with due permission).
  • Students are not allowed any clothing other than the approved list.
  • Students must bring all items in the approved list and shortcomings are not allowed.
  • Parents /guardians are not permitted to leave eatables with their wards.
  • All students are expected to help keep their rooms and surroundings clean and tidy.
  • The students are not allowed to borrow money or clothes from any other student.
  • After vacation on out-pass or the sanctioned leave, students shall be fined for the days of delay as decided by the school.
  • It is presumed that parents /guardians have read and familiarized themselves with the rules & regulation in this prospectus, including amendments.
  • Except out- pass days, no visitor is permitted inside the school premises.
  • From 10.00 a.m. on Saturday to 6.00 p.m. on Sunday, an out-pass is permitted only once in a month. out-pass is generally given on last day of the months.
  • Please ensure that your daughter/ward is properly vaccinated before she is admitted to the residential section. Without this the student will not be permitted in the school and the following vaccinations are obligatory:
    1. Anti Hepatitis A+B
    2. Chicken pox
    3. Cholera
    4. Typhoid
    5. ATT
  • Candidate should undergo basic medical examinations including eye check- up and has to submit her previous medical reports at the time of admission.
  • The student can write to his/her guardians once in a week. In case a student is very ill & is to be hospitalized, the parents are informed immediately as long as she/he is admitted. The parents will not be informed for minor ailments of the girl as long as she is admitted to the school MI room.
  • Parents need not supply medicines to the students unless in special cases with intimation to the House Mother or the Principal. The parents are requested not to send food parcels to the students.
  • Circulars regarding long breaks (i.e. Pooja, Winter and Summer) with required information are sent to parents/guardians and put on the school website in advance, and they are expected to go through them carefully and act accordingly.

Students are expected to observe the above mentioned rules. Misconduct in the hostel will be brought to the notice of the Principal. Any student indulging in activities, which are likely to affect the discipline of the hostel, may be expelled from the hostel and the school. The decision of the principal will be final in such cases.

Introduction of Curriculum

Change Is Accelerating At Unprecedented Pace. Samvid Gurukulam’s Curriculum Is Prepares Students To Adapt And Excel In The Dynamic Environment Using The Breadth Of Knowledge. Respecting The Unique Strengths Of Each Student, Our Integrated Feedback System Helps Them Perform Better Over Time.

Samvid Gurukulam Is Affiliated To Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi And Follows Its Curriculum.

For the Senior Secondary (10+2) Group, We Offer Following Streams:

House System

Each Student Is Allotted One Of The Four Houses Tejaswini, Ojaswini, Tapaswini And Yashaswini. Each House Is Placed Under The Charge Of A House Mistress And A House Tutor Who Are Responsible For The Welfare Of Students In Their Respective House. School Activities And Inter-House Competitions Promote Bonding Along With A Sense Of Healthy Competition.

Evaluation System

Progress Report Of Every Student Is Maintained To Monitor The Progress At The End Of Each Term And Identify The Areas That May Need Special Attention.

Students Are Classified Into 4 Categories

  • Pre-primary (Nursery to UKG)
  • Primary (I to V)
  • Junior (VI to VIII)
  • Senior(IX to XII)

Evaluation Of The Students Will Be Done Continuously And Informally On The Basis Of Regular Performance In Oral And Written Work And Participation In Various School Activities. We Maintain And Follow The Latest And Up-To-Date CBSE Norms.


Besides Academics, Co-Scholastic Activities Form An Integral Part Of The School Curriculum. There Are Seven Clubs Like Eco Club, Cultural Club, Literary Club, Science Club, Sports Club And Art And Craft Club To Maintain Various Activities Which Enhance The Quality Of Creativity And Socialism Of The Students As Well As Develop Their Confidence And Organizing Power.

School Magazine

To Foster Creative Thinking, Writing, And Reading Skills Of The Students, School Publishes An Annual Magazine Named “PRERNA”, Which Covers Major Events Of The School. It Will Be Shared With All Parents/Guardians To Keep Them Abreast With School Activities & Forthcoming Plans.

Scholarships and Awards

The School Offers Merit Scholarships To Students For Excellence In Academics And Co-Curricular Activities. Individual And Collective Prizes Are Given To Inculcate A Healthy Spirit Of Competition.

  • Student of the year award given on the auspicious occasion of Didi Maa ji’s birthday.
  • Cash prize of 5100 for the Topper of XII.
  • Cash prize of 4100 for each student score above then 90% in XII.
  • Cash prize of 3100 for the Topper of X.

School Dress

Uniform Enhances The Elegance Of An Institution. The Uniforms Are As Follows:

Winter Uniform

  • Nursery to KG: Sky Blue shirt, Navy Blue pant with navy blue sweater and school belt.
  • I to V Off- white shirt , Grey pant , maroon half sweater, maroon jacket, black shoes and light grey socks with school belt.
  • VI to XII Regular salwar suits, half maroon sweater and maroon blazer with off-white socks and black shoes.

Summer Uniform

  • Nursery to KG: Yellow shirt striped skirt(girls), Half pant(boys), black shoes and school belt.
  • I to V Half sleeve shirt , half pant(boys), skirt(girls), light grey socks , black shoes with school belt.
  • VI to XII Regular salwar suit, light grey socks , black shoes.
  • Sports Uniform Blue track suit, light yellow T-shirt, white socks with sports shoes.
  • House Dress Four color of T-shirt (red/yellow/blue/green), white skirt (girls), white half pant(boys), white socks, white shoes with school belt.
  • Sanskaram Dress Black pajamas with red kurta for boys. maroon salwar , dark cream color printed kurta for girls.(pink sweater in winter).

Low Student Teacher Ratio

Student-Teacher Ratio Is An Important Factor Determining The Wholesome Development Of Students. We Have Meticulously Planned For The Unique Needs Of Students In Each Class By Maintaining An Optimal Ratio Of 1 Teacher For Every 30 Students.

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