Our hostel accommodation is airy and spacious providing window to scenic beauty and homely atmosphere for each child. Hostel beds and furniture have been designed keeping in mind the needs of children.


Keeping in mind the nutritional needs of a growing child along with the diet required for military training, the diet plan is prepared by the expert dietician. Our meals include healthy Indian breakfast, morning refreshments, lunch, evening refreshments and dinner including whole range of fruits and vegetables. Our experience at Vrindavan has proved that even the poor eaters start eating when they sit in the company of other children. Proper attention is given to diet of each child and it is ensured that each child eats as per his nutritional requirement.


All resident students are given the facility of laundry for getting their uniforms, bed sheets and other clothes washed routinely.


The safety, security and overall well-being of your child are of paramount importance to us and we have left no gaps in ensuring the highest levels of safety and security at our campus. Our school is fully safe with:

  • CCTV cameras all around the campus for 24x7 surveillance
  • Fire-fighting equipment including fire hydrants in accordance with CBSE guidelines
  • Security guards at key points to prevent unauthorized entry/exit
  • Expert housekeeping personnel for optimum levels of hygiene and sanitation
  • Adequate power backup
  • A medical room with qualified doctor and nurse round-the-clock
  • Regular medical check-ups for assessment of various health indicator

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Samvid Gurukulam Sr. Sec. School

Phone : 7457870002

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Address : Village Bariyan, Tehsil Nalagarh,
Pin code: 174101 , Distt. Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India

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